Dog Grooming to Keep Your Companion Healthy

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Dog grooming is totally essential in maintaining your dog's health. Grooming includes regular brushing and combing to get rid of dead hair, skin and general debris, bathing and nail trimming as necessary, as well as looking after your dog's ears, mouth and eyes.

Regular dog grooming can provide your dog with not simply a shinier coat but also a healthier lifestyle, plus it provides you with the opportunity of spending some 'one on one' time together with your dog. It is essential that you train your pet by dog grooming him in his earlier years having a gentle approach, since this way he will not worry whenever you continue to groom him while he gets older - he can know what to expect. Often dogs look on the grooming routine as another way of you petting him. Combing and brushing will take care of your dog's coat but it is equally important that you attend to his other limbs, like the ears, toes, eyes and also the mouth.

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Dog grooming must be applied in a different way, based on the breed of dog that you have, so that you need to make sure that you investigate the right way for your dog. We have listed below the general grooming your dog methods used, but you need to make sure if your dog has special grooming needs, then you definitely abide by them.


Bathing is certainly a large part of grooming a dog. It is wise to bathe your furry friend once every 60 days or so, or as often as needed. Brush you pet's coat prior to each bathe so you elimate dead skin, hair and knots from his coat.

To bathe your dog:

· For secure footing, convey a rubber mat or perhaps a bath towel in your bathtub or sink. Make sure you are careful not to let water into the dogs ears - it can be a good idea to keep the dog's ears with cotton balls so you make sure that you are preventing water from entering these openings.

· Use warm water to rinse your dog. If you have a spray hose available then this can be best to use, but they make sure that the nozzle in the hose is kept near your pet's body. Don't ever spray the animal upon his face, as this is likely to scare or irritate him, and the man will not want you to bathe him again.

· Use only specially formulated shampoos which are only made for dogs. Using small amounts, start from head to tail but you shouldn't the shampoo in your dog's eyes. Make sure you clear from dirt the dog's rectum, along with other body parts like those beneath the chin, behind ear and between the dog's toes.

· Then rinse your pet with warm water, make certain that no shampoo is left on his coat.

. Remember a dog's instinct is usually to shake when they are wet, so stand clear!

· Lastly, pat your animal dry with a bath towel or a hair dryer.


Additionally it is a very necessary section of dog grooming to ensure that your animal's coat is clean. Make this part of your canine's daily dog grooming routine, to ensure that his coat is thoroughly brushed each day. This assures that his coat is kept from dirt, also to get rid of dead skin, old hair and other debris that finds its way onto a dog's coat. A puppy grooming procedure like brushing may spread the dog's natural natural skin oils all through the coat, that can help to keep the dog's skin form irritation and may even further prevent his coat from tangling. It doesn't only apply to dogs having long coats but also short-haired dogs benefit from regular brushing.

Nail trimming

Determined by your own dog, but generally around once a month, your dog's nails needs to be trimmed. Use a specially engineered nail trimmer or clipper that's been designed for your dog breed, also provide a blood-clotting powder just in case his skin tissue is cut. You may even use scissors because of this form of dog grooming. Should you not feel confident with this procedure then leave it to your veterinarian to do when necessary.

Ear care

Is additionally an important part of dog grooming. If not properly addressed, your pet could well develop an ear infection, which in turn may lead to permanent the loss of hearing. The symptoms for an ear infection are constant scratching, ear redness and head shaking. Your pet grooming specialist or vet must take care of severe cases of ear infections in your dog.

Teeth care

Give your dog the uniquely formulated bones that are designed to help combat foul breath. Also try and get him to the habit of letting you clean his teeth for him. You can purchase beef flavored toothpaste and a doggie size toothbrush only for him.